We are actively developing research cohorts around the world to understand the feasibility of connected digital tools including mobile phone apps and wearable devices to detect and track stress and individual symptom trajectories of disease. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we are hoping to find detectable and clinically meaningful signals in data emanating from these digital tools that might be used to forecast impending disease onset, relapse or worsening across a wide range of chronic diseases and vulnerable life periods where individuals are undergoing metamorphoses such as pregnancy. The goal of all our work is to shift agency and control back to individuals in the daily management of their health with the hope that this might translate into innovative and cost-effective individualized care strategies to help prevent and better manage chronic conditions. We are dedicated to making the work products and outcomes from our research available to the universe of interested and qualified researchers to continue this work within each disease group. We hope small and large groups around the world will take these findings, algorithms, and tools to track symptom changes and freely use them to extend our work in their specific areas of interest.

Stress in Crohn’s study

CNS Tumor Detection Study

BUMP study