4YouandMe was formed in 2017 to help lower the burden of chronic diseases for all people, especially those who have the highest need and lowest access to quality care. Using smartphones and other digital devices we design ways to predict the onset, remission, and relapse of diseases, symptoms, and complications at an individual level in ways that can be useful for those individuals to anticipate, mitigate, and celebrate transitions in health. We will prototype how people can best share data and insights for mutual benefit so as to provide both support and shared lessons.

4YouandMe believes that there are a set of fundamental realities about how to generate individual predictive assessments, which is deeply tied to returning true agency to individuals, giving them a sense of mastery. Explicating these realities and building tools that reflect them, will be critical to designers of health systems at every scale, and everywhere. For many chronic conditions, we postulate that the ebb and flow of symptoms are essentially governed by stress and the reactions it engenders. Tools that accurately measure, monitor and manage stress and its sequelae can directly help individuals forecast and manage disease progression.

We will continue our unique method of executing projects. We identify leading experts in:

  1. designing cohort studies

  2. designing and developing devices and their apps

  3. integrating device and clinical data

  4. making expert assessments

  5. prototyping ways to return agency and provide a sense of mastery and acceptance.

We plan to support these remarkable people and their teams within their existing Institutions under agreements that ensure data, insights, apps, algorithms, and intellectual property will be available for broad use and no one is blocked from extending any insights.